Natural Spaces

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

is a piece for seven natural trumpets that Christopher wrote for a concert curated by the Master aus Licht trumpet students called 'New Light'.

The composition explores possibilities of the baroque trumpet note options that are limited to the harmonic overtone series. Contemplating the historical signal and communication function of the instrument and putting it in a modern spatialized setting  surrounding the audience plus opening possibilities to explore modern playing techniques streams a new light on an old instrument. 


3rd of March 2019

Lourdeskerk, Scheveningen


Chloë Abbott, Jerome Burns, Christopher Collings, Valentin Francois,

Elisabeth Lusche,Eduardo Marques, Matthijs van der Moolen


Christopher Collings

Cover by Hannah Montoux-Mie

Listen to parts of the composition here

Please listen with head phones!

The recording is a surround sound panning and only works with headphones.

Recording & Production


Juan Verdaguer & Christopher Collings


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